Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blind Debossing + Ink = GOOD

We've had a number of requests lately for blind debossing and tone-on-tone printing. Now of course this would mean without ink, which honestly is something I prefer to avoid, unless I am using an unusually heavy stock.

One thing I've found to work for Spark's clients is using varying degrees of transparent white ink. I feel it gives the impression just enough definition to make all the difference. When the client wants even more definition without running a color, we'll add in a hint of silver or gold. The gold works especially well on the off-white stocks. Either I need to get more rest, or maybe I just have a decent eye for color, but the transparent white does dry a bit darker than it looks when it first comes of press.

Also, I do make sure I clean the rollers especially well before running transparent white (or any light color for that matter).

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