Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chipboard? What were we thinking?

As a letterpress printer, we get wonderful samples of paper by mail. Luxurious cotton stocks, fun metallics, seed name it, we've seen it. So, imagine the surprise of our paper distributor in Minneapolis when we told him we were bringing in some chipboard stock (ranging 30-40pt). They know we print primarily fine stationery products, so they were a little confused by our need for a non-luxury, no thrills stock.

We first used chipboard back in 2008 when we came out with our Loop products, featuring artwork by a local artist, Kate Puetz. When she came up with the Loop animals, we just didn't want to print them on white paper. Valerie decided to print on chipboard. It performed very well and took a nice impression. The only "issue" we have with chipboard is that it dulls our cutter very quickly. You also have to be OK with the fact that chipboard will have flecks and vary from sheet to sheet, but that's the beauty of a recycled product.

We certainly can't forget to mention the above business cards designed by Flush Designs and printed by Spark. The Dirty Roots cards turned out wonderfully. These cards are a double-sided print on a 40pt. chipboard stock. The chipboard has enough heft to it that we could achieve a great impression both sides.

The Thie Custom Homes business cards were designed and printed here just a couple months ago for a local home builder. Our client has a unique card that makes an impression with his current and prospective clients.

If you are thinking of using chipboard for your next letterpress product, give us a ring. We are more than happy to send you a sample so you can see it for yourself!


suzy procopio said...

These look great and I love chip board...hmmm. (my wheels start turning) !

LauraB said...

I'd love a sample of something on chipboard!! I am looking at getting some business cards made. I was thinking of just brown text on really thick white paper, but all of my packaging materials (I'm a wedding photographer) are kraft and dark brown...

Spark said...

Laura- We would love to show you our work! email to get this started!