Monday, September 27, 2010


As we all know, colors are a big deal in wedding planning. Spark has a wide variety of colors in the Design Book that will help you make your special day even better.

Warm Colors!
Red, yellow, orange and pink are most known for being warm. Why? Because we refer to objects that are these colors to be warm. Lets see... the sun, fire, and salsa! Warm colors are considered to be more cheerful, exuberant, and somewhat aggressive.

Cool Colors!
Blue, green and purple are in the cool category. Once again... the ocean, grass, and the sky. Cool colors are considered to be more clean, inviting and relaxing.

Earthy Colors!
Earthy colors are those found in the rocks in the nearby stream - the coffee beans in the morning - the sand between your toes. Choosing a palette based on these colors can produce both a warm or cool feel depending on your selected shades and other colors you choose to accent with.

This is simply using colors that are very close to each other on the color wheel or shades that are very similar.

These colors are located straight across from each other on the color wheel. They have the highest amount of contrast and produce very vibrant color palettes.

Color Trends!
Lately we have seen brides mixing up our metallic inks! Using copper, silver and gold. These colors look great on a wide variety of papers! Darker purples, oranges, bright greens have been very popular. *LOVE ALERT* Choosing blind as one of your colors works great and can bring in a subtle pattern by just adding dimension! Blind is where we put the impression on the paper without any ink. Sometimes we use a transparent white to give it a very small tint. Ask your retailer to see some samples.

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