Monday, July 21, 2008

Conyers Design, Inc. Gift Tags

Each week I have a plethora of wonderful projects to review, both present and past, and for some reason I was thinking about these great little gift tags Conyers Design, Inc. (Des Moines, Iowa) had us print for them late last year. Maybe it is because of the major heat waves we’ve been experiencing, and I was just trying to remind myself of cooler weather. This was our first project for Conyers Design, and I remember the phone call from them after they received the shipment from us. They called just to say “woo-hoo” (or something to that effect). It’s always a great feeling when you make a client happy just by doing your job well.

Conyers Design Holiday Gift Tags
Design: Conyers Design, Inc.
Paper: Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 220# Double-Thick Cover (another of our tree-free house stocks)
Ink: Silver, Red and Aqua Blue
Run: 150+ on our Heidelberg Windmill, plus die cutting the tags into 3” rounds plus a small hole (done in-house).
Notes: The gift tags printed even better than we had hoped. I think these are an excellent example of great design meets letterpress printing. We ran all of the silver plates through our press twice to give it as metallic of an appearance as possible. The registration was tight on many of the designs, but it gives us a nice feeling of satisfaction every time we align something just so. After printing, we die cut the tags (on-site) and that made all the difference. It’s amazing how designs look great on-screen, but once they are printed and finished, they just look even that much better!

More images of this project and others can be found on our Flickr page.

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