Friday, August 22, 2008

Envelopes make all the difference

One of my favorite things in the whole world has to be envelopes. Mind you I don't get all that excited about Classic Crest #10 commercial flap envelopes, but even those aren't half-bad. What I love are the unique flap styles and the range of colors and papers that have become increasingly available over the past years as countless others who share my passion for a good envelope pop up across the country.

I'm sure many of these sites aren't new to all of you, but in case you haven't seen one of these, be sure to check them out. When we have smaller jobs we will work through distributors such as these to find a special envelope.

I haven't worked with every single one of these retailers very often, so I can't personally vouch for their customer service and product availability. We have worked with, and Anchor Paper the most, and I would say they have a great selection and fair pricing. I'm sure I'm missing some others, so feel free to recommend any you've found as well.

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