Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Posters make us happy.

Fridays on the Promenade Poster
Design: J. D. Gordon Advertising
Paper: French Paper Muscletone in Frostone Glacier, 140# Cover
Ink: Metallic Brown and Olive
Size: a hair under 13x19
Notes: This poster is the largest we can run on our Heidelberg Cylinder KS. We ran it without cropmarks just so we could maximize the size of this poster. The art was masterfully created by our friends at J.D. Gordon, who we've been fortunate enough to work with on several occasions. For items such as this where there are solids and tints, we spend a great deal of time in pre-press to get the right combinations so that when printed the tints aren't too dark and competing with the solid area. We typically do the pre-press on jobs such as these instead of having our clients wrangle with it because there is no exact formula. Our press operator has to look at the overall job in order to figure out what will work best and then it all ends up in Photoshop to be made into one monster bitmap file.

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