Sunday, January 18, 2009

National Stationery Show Prep

Spark is lucky to be working with many talented designers as they prep for the National Stationery Show in May. While we are already starting to get designs in from all over to print, don't panic yet! There is definitely still plenty of time to get into our pre-show schedule.

Here are a few things that I look for when trying to find economies in a print run:
  • same size so we can do final trims and press scores at the same time
  • overall quantity
  • use of the same stocks or a few stocks across many pieces
  • use of the same colors or a limited color palette across several pieces so we can run different pieces on the same day instead of inking up several times with several colors
  • heavy coverage often means double-inking the rollers or needing to be run on our larger press which will add to the cost
We're here to help so contact us if you need a quote or if you have questions.

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