Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another weekend at Spark Worldwide Headquarters...

If you haven't seen posts from Jim and I in a while, it's because we are literally working all the time these days. Days, nights, weekends - early mornings not-so-much - but pretty much whenever we can put in more hours we are here. Every one else at Spark is pitching in too, we just have a lot of sensitive jobs that need Jim's attention in particular and I'm always on hand for the press checks, trimming and other fun activities!

I'm not exactly sure how we are so busy these days - and growing each month - but we are not taking it for granted. With such a dreary economic forecast on some days and optimism on every third or fourth day, I've dedicated myself to moving forward no matter what. We aren't ignoring the stock markets or just hoping for the best, but we are making sure we try our hardest to get orders out with the best possible quality.

It may not make sense that we are searching for some new equipment, retooling our identity, creating that next big sparkly marketing piece, and working on a new custom album for 2010; but, frankly I just have to go with the flow. And right now, our flow is positive and fast.

We're so lucky to have all that we do - happy and healthy co-workers and families, great clients (this means you) and exciting projects to print.

Although I will be spending the weekend here with Jim cranking out more jobs (or perhaps I should say crafting letterpress art), I'm thankful we have a reason to be working these crazy hours we've been keeping. Now if we could just teach Lily and Lucia to use the drill or mix ink.

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