Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recommended Letterpress Papers

Below are the papers Spark currently recommends for letterpress. We are always adding to this list as new projects come our way. If you have a paper you would like to add, please leave a comment.
  • Crane lettra papers in 80# text, 110# and 220# covers. This is a nice, not too lofty cotton paper that is soft to the touch and takes a great impression.
  • French Paper Muscletone 140# cover. Sturdy stock with a smooth finish.
  • Arturo papers by Cartiera Magnani. The cover weight in this paper could be heavier, but this is a beautiful, luxurious paper. The envelope sizes in this line are ideal for stationery.
  • Rising Museum Board in 2ply or 4ply. This paper is often used for watercolor and framing, but also makes for a great letterpress paper. It is wonderfully thick with a smooth finish.
  • Somerset papers, we prefer the velvet finish as it feeds well on press.
  • Blotter paper. This is a very toothy, thick stock.
We also run the following papers - some are not often thought of as letterpress papers - on press:
  • Gruppo Cordenons Stardream metallic papers (Shine and Curious Metallics are other options).
  • Neenah Esse smooth or textured stocks.
  • Transparent Papers such as UV/Ultra.
  • Neenah Classic Crest in 80# text, 130# and 165# covers.
  • Chipboard, varying weights.
  • Neenah Eames textured stocks.
  • Handmade Seed Papers.
What do you use?

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