Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our new wedding line...

is in production! We are at varying stages with each of the 20 new designs we are launching. I've been spending a lot of time drawing lately in order to fill out the details of some of the sets, as well as to create the last few design concepts. I have to say it is quite the accomplishment around here for me to find any time to sit at my desk and draw since I am responsible for a wide range of tasks in our small organization.

I've learned a lot in creating these new designs. A lot about myself as a person, as a designer and as a letterpress enthusiast. It's hard to limit myself at times because we have the equipment, the desire to experiment, the resources to do the finishing work, and we can make the time to pour our hearts into each suite. Ultimately I need to set some parameters because I always want to look back at what I've created and find some simplicity in each design. Not everything has to be crazy over the top, and some of the designs I'm most excited about are so simple.

Here is one of the designs that is not so simple. I have to thank one of our wonderful Spark designers, Molly Althoff, who created the artwork for this invitation. I was lucky enough to be able to work with these drawings she did, edit and layer the artwork, and then pull it all together. I'll save the rest of the pieces in this suite for later.

I look forward to sharing more with all of you soon!

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