Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Wedding Library - Thank You!

This is the organized sister writing now that the creative sister had a chance to give her thanks regarding the Save the Date Passport. It's my job to stay connected with the retailers who sell our custom stationery nationwide. Many of the retailers who work with us know us as "little" Spark from the Midwest. We don't mind that at all because we appreciate our small, family atmosphere - and we know our retailers feel the same!

This week was a thrilling week for us as we watched one of our custom products gain national recognition. We owe an armful of thanks to The Wedding Library in New York City. Linda Hays, Director of Custom Stationery at The Wedding Library, put our Passport in Darcy Miller's hands at an elite bridal show. The Wedding Library is truly the "go-to" retailer for brides as they offer the best in everything bridal from gowns and event planning to custom stationery. Visit their website to learn more at

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