Friday, December 11, 2009

Excitement brewing, exhaustion setting in.

This is the organized sister writing today. Spark is bursting at the seams these days with excitement and utter exhaustion. I am happy to report that the albums are coming together quickly. We are busily gluing samples onto the album pages, checking and double-checking every last detail. Meanwhile, the presses are humming with the last of our client orders that must be completed before the holidays. Whew!

I feel for the people who walk through our doors these days, having never visited us before. They are walking into a seemingly chaotic mess, stacks of album pages, envelopes, invitations and name it, there's a pile somewhere. Upstairs is a similar story. We normally keep it clean in our studio upstairs, but even that has transformed into our makeshift staging and photography area.

None of this could be possible without our staff. We are fortunate to have such positive and dedicated people working here. Valerie and I extend our heartfelt thanks to Jim, James, Graig, Katie, Alyssa, Nathan, Shawn, Kari, Holly, Savannah, Joy, and last, but certainly not least, Bebe and Craig. We would also like to thank our families who are putting up with our long hours and stress - we love you and appreciate your support.

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