Monday, March 1, 2010

Stationery Love Album Ships!

All of us at Spark, as well as our beloved retailers, have been anxiously awaiting our Stationery Love Album. We are proud to announce that our tireless workers have finished all the printing, die cutting, positioning, gluing and packing!

It will be very exciting to have some more work space, but especially we look forward to hearing your reactions to our new stationery design suites.

Some exciting options coming with the Stationery Love album:

- fun die cut shapes for calling cards
- plentiful variety of flat and folded notes in a variety of sizes
- baby announcements and invites included
- package pricing for the letterpress enthusiast

Thanks for being so patient. We can’t wait to see how you letterpresslove them! To find a retailer near you, visit retail store locator on our website,

1 comment:

Luxe Expressions said...

super excited to get the statonery album. I am sure it will be as big of a hit as the wedding is. You all rock!