Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coasters - for more than just the glass!

Coasters can be used as a part of the whole table set up at the reception. Not only can they accent the centerpieces, but can send messages to your guests. Here are some ideas of how to use coasters as one of the "day-of" pieces:
  1. Quotes. Our albums showcase poems, lines from songs, etc. Don't forget classics like Dr. Seuss, Pride and Prejudice, or a vow (awww......)
  2. Passage. Favorite religious reading or part of a book can be very meaningful
  3. Thanks. If there wasn't room in the program, here is a great place to thank everyone for sharing the special day with the couple
  4. Signature drink. Example would be the from the Amelie suite. Create a drink for the special occasion which people can then take home to try to recreate. Also during the reception people can read what they are drinking!
  5. Menu. Save some money and put a simplified menu on the coaster!
  6. Photo. Here is another way to showcase beautiful engagement pictures or a favorite picture from time together. Letterpress photos are a piece of art!
  7. Monogram. Reuse the monogram created for the invites
  8. Contest/game. Have a simple "names and date" on the top and on the bottom create a game for your guests to play!
  9. Fun facts. Have two different coasters- fun facts about the groom and fun facts about the bride, your guests can get to know you even better!
More advice and ideas for coasters:
  • Use two different colored papers- as long as the ink color is the same, no price difference!
  • Have two different designs for the coasters, use them both on the tables.
  • To lower costs just use rounded corners, free with all one ply papers!
  • Or go all out and use a fun die-cut shape like a circle
  • Think creatively! Anything can be designed and used as part of your big day!
A one color, one ply paper, circle, 100 quantity - $225
A one color, one ply paper, rounded square, 100 quantity - $160
A one color, two ply paper, circle, 100 quantity - $290
A one color, two ply paper, rounded square, 100 quantity - $225

Pictured: Amelie's signature drink coaster, Valerie and Jim's wedding picture coaster (for an AIGA event), Hollie's song quote coaster, and the always beautiful Natalya pattern coaster

Just email spark@letterpresslove.com for other quotes related to coasters or our other great "day-of" items!

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