Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun with our Complimentary Calling cards

Joy speaking (so blame her if you don't like the puns)

So last week I told you about the August/September deal here at Spark- order a 4-piece suite and receive complimentary calling cards (a.k.a. at home cards) in the same quantity. Just a reminder that our great die-cuts are not included in this offer, however, I am going to provide some advice on who should use these the standard rectangular calling card, the skinny calling card, and the square calling card.

Urban dictionary is fun people, let's go with it to determine how one should choose their calling card.

Square - "a person regarded as dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends"
In my mind, using letterpress already means you are in with the trends, so that can't be right. Dull, huh. I think squares just provide comfort to those who like equal length sides.

Skinny - "the scoop, what's up?" "the low down"
So these are great for those who only want to share their information with a select group of people who they would like in their inner circle. But who knows.

The traditional rectangle - Neither rectangle or business card came up with a urban dictionary definition. Oh well. These are perfect for those who want their card to fit in with all the other cards in the Rolodex. Conforming is a word that keeps popping into my head here.

Ok, ok enough fun. In all reality, at home cards are a great way to share with your loved ones your new address, an updated email, website, social media pages (don't forget twitter and your youtube channel), and perhaps even a new house number (do people still get those?)

Or give all the wrong information and become a hermit or anonymous blogger after your big day.

If you have any real questions about this Spark deal, please email or contact your nearest retailer.

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