Thursday, October 21, 2010

Prairie Paper (aka Seed Paper) is now at Spark!

What better title for wildflowers sprouting out of paper, then Prairie Paper! We are thrilled to introduce a new paper to our stationery lines. Prairie (seed) Paper is handmade paper that includes any number of different plant seeds, and is 100% recyclable. This paper is truly something special and also takes a great impression. Featured in the images above is our Prairie Paper bookmark created especially for our trunk shows in NYC last week.

Instructions of planting Prairie Paper:

1. Moisten card and plant in soil (just under the surface of the soil)
2. Place in a sunny spot and water regularly (keep moist until it germinates)

These are the potential wildflower varieties you could have with our type of seed paper:
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Spurred snapdragon
  • Shirley poppy
  • Mexican hat
  • Evening Primrose
Your guests will be able to think of all the fond memories from your event while looking at their wildflowers. Letterpress is already "eco-friendly", our Prairie Paper just takes it one step further! Contact Spark to place your Prairie Paper order today.

(like our bookmarks? I do!)

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Luxe Expressions said...

Love it! We cannot wait to start offering this to our clients.