Thursday, November 18, 2010

Promote your business with letterpress

Adorably modern business stationery for Leximedia, thanks to our retailer Kate's Paperie Soho of New York, NY.

Special event invitation for the Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants,
thanks to our retailer Luxe Expressions of Atlanta, Georgia.

Letterpress photo bookmark announcing the grand re-opening of the Augustana Library, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Calling cards that capture the essence of the business.

Special event invitation, thanks to our retailer Paper Cafe of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Shown in the picture is the front and back of the invitation.

Ever thought of printing your business stationery letterpress? We've had a number of small business owners contact us over the years, because they wanted to provide their clients with something special - something out of the ordinary 4-color process we see everywhere.

Letterpress is already a trend in wedding stationery, so why not for business stationery as well? The initial conversations about printing something letterpress or not are much the same. "I don't know how much it will cost, but I really want something different." And, "I want this event to be timeless and set the tone." Or how about, "we really want to make a statement." Make a statement with whom? Guests, donors, clients, the in-laws...well whomever it is, let's make an impression.

Any business owner will tell you, you have a spend a buck to earn a buck. Right? Well, we can tell you to select where you spend your bucks wisely. Like many other letterpress printers, for example, we print business cards. Why? They stand out from the rest of the cards out there AND they are a great conversation starter. You're essentially saying, "business with you is important to me."

If you're planning a special event, think about who you hope to attend. If you're hoping for a stellar crowd, then maybe it's appropriate to throw a little letterpress love their way. The special event pieces shown above make everyone look and feel good. We like that.

Are you excited? We hope you are, so don't deflate when we have to talk price. For starters, our business cards are affordable yet luxurious. Our standard paper is 100% cotton, which for most people, is really nice. Order a higher quantity to get a better price per piece. Try to keep the information on one side of the card - there is no rule that you have to print on the backside!

If your budget is tight for an upcoming special event, consider sticking to one color letterpress. Dress up the invite with a letterpress envelope liner or maybe a stunning envelope design. Don't forget about our letterpress coasters, gift tags, bookmarks and programs as these pieces provide your clients with a special keepsake to remember your company.

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