Monday, November 29, 2010

Retailer Profile- Paper and Poste (Canada!)

Paper and Poste
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Owner: Heather Sauer
Length in Business: The Studio is opened this month! Our store has been running for about 30 years.

Why did you choose to carry the new Spark albums?: They are so unique and encompassing with playful and fresh designs. Impeccable details, with the designs like our style.
Favorite New Spark design: Claire "Top Secret"


Other thoughts on the albums?: We really love them! We only wanted a couple lines, and Spark's line helped inspire us to open the studio. Innovative.....we realized something amazing was here- worthy to create the studio.
Average client: We have a huge range of couples in our area, nothing average yet anyway!
Strengths as a retailer/studio: We brought in a few, unique range of lines to appeal to variety of couples. The studio really gives everyone the opportunity to create what you want.

We are so excited to be in Canada! Paper and Poste are a great addition to the Spark family with all their creative talent! This week is their studio opening! So if you are in the area, please go and give Heather and Beckee and huge hello and congratulations! And according to our owner, Heather is a "sweet lady". :)

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