Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Retailer Profile: The Village Invites Midtown

The Village Invites - Midtown 
Owner: Linda Schonfeld   
Manager: Adrienne Kierans 
10 East 39th Street, 2nd Floor 
New York, NY 10016 
Contacts: Adrienne Kierans, Ariel Markowitz 
E-mail:  inquiries@villageinvites.com 
Phone Number: 212.220.6199

How long have you been in business?
8 years and counting!

When did you realize that the stationery business was the right one for you?

After working in the fashion industry for several years I loved the idea of creating a personal stationery wardrobe for stylish new yorkers...complete with the most current patterns, prints, colors and typestyles.

What part of working with new brides is the most exciting?

On our initial meeting we sit with the bride and have her describe how she envisions her big day. This is where all the magic happens and the brainstorming begins!

When people say, "well it's just paper…it's going to get thrown away anyway" what is your reaction?!

My first reaction is that we are probably not the place for you. However, if you recognize that your invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will have into your wedding day and that first impressions make a big difference, then you're speaking our language.

What do you do with cards and invites you receive from family and friends?

I display them on my mantle for a few weeks. Invitations will then accompany pictures from the party in a photo album. Special cards I will keep and if the design is unusual I hold on to it for inspiration.

What tip can you give a bride about the invites she might order?

The wedding should not only reflect the location of the ceremony but also your own personal style. Don't be afraid to include personal touches like patterned envelope liners, colors and fonts you love. 

What is a color combo that you're in love with right now for invites this season?

Metallic gold and tiffany blue. Elegant and happy all at once :)

Do you find Pinterest and Facebook helpful when relating with potential clients and how do you utilize social media?

We've been so busy this past year and haven't had a chance to use social media as much as we'd like too. Stay tuned…we are planning a social media makeover this season!

Brides rarely have a clue what they want when they sit down for invites…how do you lead them in the right direction to find their dream invites?

If a bride is overwhelmed with the choices she has we start with simple questions…"Do you see your wedding day more modern or traditional in style? Formal or informal?" Then we take it from there and start painting the big picture.

What trend are you seeing this season for invites?

Metallic ink, edge painting in bright colors, bold patterns and hand calligraphy accents. Custom illustration is also very popular, brides love having their own personal work of art.

Best advice for bride or bride-to-be about finding the perfect invite suite?!

Choose a stationer who will get as excited as you are when you describe your wedding day. When you start brainstorming ideas you'll end up with an invitation suite that is more beautiful than you've ever imagined. This should be one of the most enjoyable parts of the planning experience.

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