Monday, August 11, 2008

Beary Good Stationery

Sorry...I couldn't resist. It seems like I have to either come up with a really creative post title or something totally cheeseball. You be the judge of which category this one falls into.

Last year we had the pleasure of working with Brian Danaher who brought us this awesome (do people still use this word?) artwork he created for his client Clutter Bear Records. The design was such a great fit for letterpress printing and the colors he chose worked perfectly with the paper.

Clutter Bear Record Identity: Business Card, Letterhead and Mailing Label
Design: Brian Danaher
Paper: Crane Lettra in Fluorescent White, 110# Cover for the Business Card; Neenah Neutech in Pure White, 80# Text for the Letterhead; Uncoated Digital Label Stock for the Mailing Label.
Ink: Light Aqua and Chocolate Brown
Size: 3.5 x 1.75 for the business card, letter-size letterhead
Notes: We let the brown overprint the light aqua color for added visual interest. Sometimes it makes sense to avoid this but I think it added to the design in this case. The tight trimming on both the business cards and letterhead were quite the challenge, but in the end we got it just right and there's nothing better than a good trim on a project.

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