Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back in the day...

Do you ever run across an old design or something you printed a long time back and it reminds you of where you were at with your business at that point in time?

I was going through some of our older work - before we were knee deep in letterpress - and found this design I had been working on. We used to print on a little Canon digital printer/copier thing. It actually had pretty nice color for what we were doing at the time. This picture is a little weird because the paper is metallic and we're getting some strange glare.

We were still in Minneapolis at this point and our business doing custom work for area couples was thriving. We did this design (and countless others) in preparation for a Twin City Bridal Association wedding fair. I used to love doing their events as I always thought they were so well put together!

Enough with the past. We're working yet another Sunday in the hopes of catching up. Ha!

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