Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ribbons, die cuts, sewing and more!

While we love running our presses, spark also provides specialty finishing services. Contact us for pricing for the below services.

Die cutting. Custom shapes for business cards, tags, coasters, pocket folders and more.

Envelope lining. Ask us to line your envelopes by hand. If you would like us to line a baronial flap envelope, ask us to die cut the liner first to match the shape of the envelope. We use only acid-free 3M glue to line our envelopes.

Sewing. We sew edges for program and invitation booklets. We can usually find thread to match most PMS colors. We've also sewn pretty edges on flat panels that compliment the design.

Ribbon Ties. More often than not, we are not asked to do ribbon ties, simply because our clients prefer to take on this task themselves. We have done ribbon ties on programs, invitations and more, using Midori ribbon. If, however, you would like to tie the ribbon yourself, ask us to drill the holes for you first to make the process easier!

Eyelet Setting. We offer eyelet setting at an affordable price. Our most common eyelet colors are silver, gold, black, antique brass and copper.

Mounted Backers. We will mount paper backers to any panel upon request. We can accommodate flush mounts. If you would like to do the actual adhering on your own, just ask us to cut down the paper.

Also available are custom wraps, bands, pocket folds, rounded corners, color edging and more. We handle all of our finishing services at Spark, so you can feel confident that we will deliver a quality product.

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