Monday, September 20, 2010

Letterpressed photos- your greatest design!

Maybe some of you out there don't go for letterpress because you want to use pictures of you, your child, couple, building, etc. Well guess what? We love letterpressed photos.

Looking at these images of past work you can see that your photo in the form of letterpress is really a great work of art. You can and should use those spendy engagement/wedding/baby pictures as much as you can!

Here is a mini list I just created of ideas of when to use photos:
  • Save the dates (the first two images)
  • Custom invitations
  • Wedding Day picture on the thank yous
  • Parties (Chyna and Renny)
  • Baby Announcement (like Val and Jim's little Lucia in the last photo)
  • opening of a new building, business, etc. (example: our Isabel pocket)
  • on other items such as coasters, gift tags, programs
Things to keep in mind when sending Spark your image:
  • Hi-res images look the best, so a Polaroid might not cut it. ;)
  • Please no thumbnails, we can take a great large photo and make it smaller, we can't make a too small image larger and still look great.
  • Send ahead. Even before you place your order with the retailer, send the image to us and we can let you know if this image will work for your piece.
  • Snail mail is cool. You can send us the image and we can scan it for you. (yes we will send back the photo)
  • The photo to letterpressness takes a bit more time and magic to become a quality piece. We love photos but if you are in a rush,....well you can't rush magic like this!
Additions to your photos:
Colors are a fun way to play around with your photo. Remember you are paying per color so plan ahead what other colors or patterns/designs will be apart of the piece. (Chyna and Renny is a great example)

Your pictures are the best design there is and we want you to use them.

Yours truly, Joy

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