Friday, September 17, 2010

Fonts have personalities. Although there are thousands out there to choose from they all have something to portray and a certain "feeling" they give off. For example: our most popular font is "Bickham" - this says classic and elegant. The style of font used in your invitation suite can drastically change your stationery's personality.

Here is a sample of Ava from Spark's Wedding Love Album. It is the exact same artwork just with very different font choices and colors. (Click on the image to view larger.)
Rules to remember:

• Avoid combining fonts that are too similar in appearance. Choose one that is really bold and one that is really light. Or one that is really clean and simple with a fancy script.

• Don't get too crazy with the number of fonts you choose to use. Try to keep it down to a maximum of 3 - using 2 is very common and works well.

• Make sure the font you choose for your body text is legible. If you choose something that is too fancy no one will be able to read it. From the font selections in our design book some good choices are: Bodoni, Gotham, Futura, Mrs. Eaves, Neue, Neutra and Roman Classic to name a few.

• Avoid orphans! Orphans are when you have a paragraph of text and one of the lines just
1-3 words on it following a long line of text. It becomes very distracting and throws off alignment.

• Avoid text over loads! Yes, we know you have lots of information you want to put on the small card - but just know that if you do have lots of text that we are either going to have to compromise on the text or the design. Make sure you compare your invite wording to the example in the book you have chosen - is there 2 times as much information?

• Don't be afraid of white space! Type and design don't like being too close to each other or the edges. Give them room to breathe!

• If you are not sure about fonts have a look at the design book. There are tons of different ones to choose from. After that, if you are still unsure feel free to ask for our assistance!

• Type up your wording. This is always helpful to our designers and eliminates spelling errors right off the bat. Since Andrea and I are setting your type and are mainly concerned with the design itself, sometimes those small errors can get overlooked after we've been staring at the same piece for hours. We try to catch as many things as we can but you will most likely get your proof sooner if your information is provided right when your order is placed with us.

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