Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Spark Lookbook

After having designed all of the 550+ pieces in our 2010 custom albums, I (Valerie today) was a bit tired of design projects to be honest. I work on so many different kinds of projects here at Spark and for a while I avoided designing anything if I could help it. Then it came time to start thinking about what marketing efforts I wanted to do to help support our custom line in 2011. Once I came up with the idea of doing our own Spark Lookbook for prospective clients, I was back in the game!
When I think about our retailers and their appointments with prospective clients I wanted to create something that would give a couple the warm fuzzies about Spark. We don't get to meet 99% of our clients so I wanted to create a piece that would help us to make more of a personal connection to our clients. The lookbook features the artwork from almost all of our wedding/event design suites as well as some practical information about the stationery design process.

The entire book is letterpress printed on leftover paper from other jobs which is why the pages vary in color and type. I was so excited to be able to put this paper - that would otherwise been simply recycled - to good use. Look for these at your retailer nearest you in January!

We hope you will love these little books as much as we do. We can't wait for you to have one!


Luxe Expressions said...

Oh my Valerie, this is going to be perfect for our type of clients. They don't like to sit with books on end so a "look book" will be the thing. Can't wait for January!!!!

Gayle said...

Great idea, Valerie. Sounds like this will be the perfect thing to take to wedding shows when we want to show lines but not have to haul large albums that take up too much space. Looking forward to it and hoping they go out in early rather than late January. ;-)