Thursday, January 24, 2013


Holly, one of our creative sparklers is engaged! She's now in the midst of planning her September 14th wedding and she has agreed to do periodic blog posts to showcase what brides are really going through when planning their big day. She'll share stories, photos and matrimonial decisions as she makes them. So here's her first post, a love story about how she and her fiancé, Marshall, met and decided to get hitched. (Card pictured below is from our good friends at The Social Type and can be purchase in our downtown store.)

It's already been five months since we got engaged and I still can't believe it... WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!

How we met:
It was a song on the radio that led me to spending my best thirty dollars of my life: a one month subscription on! I don't recall who winked at who first, but Marshall's positive outlook on life and his handsome profile picture is what drew me in.

After our first date I knew right away that someone wonderful had entered my life. It didn't take long for him to sweep me off my feet.

The Proposal:

The night before the proposal we had planned on going to a fundraiser for bulldogs to get a professional picture of us with our dog, Jack. It was the first day of favorite time of the year!

The next day we took Jack to the park to run before getting our pictures taken. As we pulled up at the park I noticed Marshall was acting a little funny. The way he situated his coat on the seat next to him was a little odd. He never wears a jacket and it was a beautiful fall day with no need for one!  As we were throwing tennis balls to Jack, he was hugging me from behind and I said something mushy like "'re my forever." The next thing I know he's spun me around and was down on one knee with a huge box and bright shinny ring! I couldn't believe it! The words coming out of his mouth were a big blur except the "Will you Marry Me" part!

It was complete bliss, the best moment in my life so far!  Then we sat on the park benches for awhile and took some time to soak it all in before heading over to get our first engagement picture together. 

Stay tuned to find out how Holly's wedding planning progresses!
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